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About the company

About Just Sayin’ Productions
Founded by Karen Reinhard in 2001, Just Sayin’ Productions is a web design and photography production company for the theatre community.  Our focus is on the success of the members of that community, from actors to singers and dancers, to directors, playwrights, theatre companies and productions.  Our goal for our clients is design-forward websites that are unique and elegant, and are easy to navigate, user-friendly and clutter-free.

We strive to work with our clients one-on-one to create designs that fit their needs and personalities to ensure they get everything they want and nothing they don’t.  You can be assured a custom website and that we never work with templates, ever!  In your headshots you can expect the same design aesthetic: simple, elegant, clean.  We believe your headshots should not look overworked or overproduced, but rather just like you on your best days! 

In both our web design and our photography work we always strive to cater to the individual with a mind to design, but also with firm knowledge of how best to market and showcase yourself in the community.  We look forward to working with you on all your design needs!

About the Designer
Karen Reinhard: Web Designer, Photographer, Founder

Karen started out in web design in Los Angeles, California.  With mentor Lindsey Gearhart, Karen began designing websites in 1999.  Karen moved to New York in 2000, and working on opposite coasts, Lindsey and Karen got their first New York design jobs with the Off Broadway productions of Bat Boy The Musical and tick, tick...BOOM!  Karen also began her production photography at that time as the official blogger/photographer for the Bat Boy website.  From there Karen garnered some clients of her own and began doing websites for some company members of Bat Boy and tick, tick...BOOM! Through the strength of referrals and her associations with these first clients, her individual web design business grew exponentially.  About two years after Karen and Lindsay began their partnership, Karen decided to pursue her own brand, and that's when Just Sayin' Productions was born!  Since launching Just Sayin’ Productions in 2001, Karen has continued to build her company to include not just websites, but also headshots, production photography, postcards and business cards.  She continues to stay on top of the latest programming to ensure she is able to bring the most current and unique design elements to her clients.  Karen remains committed to gearing her company toward the support of the theatre community and the people that work within it.  If she’s not in front of her computer or playing with her spunky pup, you can find her in the theatre!

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